homesure : caring for your vacant home

Your home is not only your castle…

It’s your foundation.

It’s also one of the most significant purchases you will ever make. You protect that investment with maintenance, stylish décor, landscaping, smart upgrades and, of course, insurance. But who looks after your property while you’re on vacation or travelling?

Trust Homesure to provide the peace of mind that we will take care of your vacant home as if it were our own.


Steps to Protecting Your Home During an Extended Absence

  • Ensure your property and homeowners insurance policy is active
  • Arrange for travel and health insurance; carry contact and reference information
  • Place important documents and valuables in a Safety Deposit Box or other safe off-site location
  • Remove larger valuable from conspicuous view
  • Install random-schedule automatic light control
  • Install solar-powered lamps in front of and behind your home
  • Leave a car in the driveway
  • Turn off all electrical appliances; unplug if practical.
  • Turn off all taps and water sources
  • Call the bonded, reliable experts at Homesure to regularly inspect your home and keep up a lived-in appearance

Why You Need Homesure

Keep Your Insurance Valid

Are you aware of your insurance policy’s Vacancy Clause? Do you know that your coverage can lapse if your home is empty beyond that stipulated length of time?

Far too many people learn – one disaster too late – that losses incurred while a house is considered vacant are not eligible for reimbursement. The onus lies with you, the policyholder, to prove that your home has been monitored, visited and checked by a qualified professional during any significant absence.

Don’t return from an extended vacation, business trip or even extra-long weekend to devastating surprises. Arrange for housesitting or the trusted, reliable professional vacant home services of Homesure before you leave.

Travel with peace of mind knowing that Homesure can help minimize risks and understands insurance requirements to ensure your home insurance while you are away.

Minimize Risks

  • The Lure of a Vacant Home
  • Storm Damage
  • Personal Injury Liability
  • Burglaries and B&Es
  • Fire
  • Plumbing and Floods
  • Vandalism

The Lure of a Vacant Home

A vacant home is a magnet for criminals. Nothing signals opportunity more than empty driveways, dark windows, piled-up newspapers, overflowing mailboxes and uncut grass. One undisturbed snowfall is a welcome cue for a burglar.

Deter crime with upkeep from Homesure.


Storm Damage

The effects of heavy rain, high winds, snow and ice storms can be calamitous to your property. Unnoticed and unchecked exterior damage like fallen branches, water penetration, loosened shingles and weighty ice will lead to extensive interior damage as well.

Homesure will check on your home and address the impact of Mother Nature.


Personal Injury Liability

Homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of their property, including snow removal from sidewalks within 24 hours of a snowfall. The liability against a slip-and-fall claim levied against any perceived negligence can be life-changing, especially if your proven absence voids your insurance coverage.

Homesure maintains the continuity of your insurance, mitigates your liability and keeps your neighbours happy.


Burglaries and B&Es

It’s always a good idea to store your valuables in a safety deposit box or other off-site safe place during extended absences. That’s practical for documents and small items. But artwork, collectibles, heirloom items and even your in-home safe are of great interest to professional burglars and petty thieves alike.

A Homesure-attended property can help deter the criminal element, and support your insurance claim in the event of theft.



Everyone is afraid of fire: it’s unpredictable and life-threatening. Your diligent Homesure expert will routinely inspect your heating, lighting, fireplace and electrical appliances… all potential sources of malfunction and fire.

Routine Homesure inspections can help detect problems before they arise.


Plumbing and Floods

Water leakage inside a vacant home is rarely noticeable from the exterior. Yet damage from clogged or plugged drains, dripping faucets, penetration from heavy rain and a disastrous frozen or burst pipe can be significant and cumulative.

Your Homesure inspector’s vigilance can help limit the extent of water damage and allay your insurance carrier in the event of a claim.



The actions of petty criminals and unsupervised teenagers can damage your home and further signal its vacancy. Broken windows, “eggings”, graffiti… Homesure will monitor and immediately address these problems.

Homesure handles vandalism quickly so your home appears lived-in.

Our Services

Personal Attention

Prior to any prolonged absence, we will arrange a personal consultation to examine your needs and provide advice. We will help you clarify and understand the vacancy requirements of your insurance carrier. The frequency of home visits stipulated, the length of your planned absence and the specific support required will determine the customized list of Homesure services we prepare for your review and approval.


Outside your home

  • Remove snow from driveways, sidewalks and footpaths
  • Mow grass, maintain landscaping
  • Manage mail, newspapers, flyers and deliveries
  • Inspect for weather-related or man-made damage
  • Ensure that windows and all entries are locked and intact
  • Identify, provide quotes and arrange for required repairs
  • Provide status reports
  • Other services as needed

Inside your home

  • Inspect heating, furnace, vents and season-specific HVAC
  • Verify lighting and electrical
  • We can winterize your home when possible as insurer will often reduce the frequency of visits
  • Check smoke and CO2 detectors
  • Water plants
  • Identify, provide quotes and arrange for required repairs
  • Provide status reports
  • Other services as needed

Trust Homesure

Experienced professionals

The seasoned team at Homesure has specialized in Vacant Residential Property Care since 1996. After many years of experience in mortgage-related industries, Founder Andrew Nicklin identified a distinct need for trustworthy, reliable and competent vacant home services.

He turned his focus to support the owners of homes that are frequently left unoccupied for a variety of reasons: Families on vacation or with seasonal properties that require the peace of mind that their primary home is maintained and protected. Executive travellers who need that same confidence while they focus on business. Bankers and Realtors who turn to us to service properties undergoing Transfer of Ownership, Power of Sale or Estate management.

For a personal consultation, contact Andrew Nicklin:

Bonded and reliable

Your home is one of your most significant investments: you wouldn’t and shouldn’t hand over your keys to just anybody! Each Homesure consultant is industry-trained, bonded and completely insured. We are aware of the issues and potential risks of leaving a home vacant and we bring that advice to you in a personal consultation. We’ll look after your home as if it were our own.

Backing Up You and Your Insurance

Relax knowing that if there is ever an insurance claim while employing Homesure, we will back you up with detailed logs of our visits. Ensure your insurance provider's Vacancy Clause is met with professional, bonded house sitting.

Customer satisfaction

Homesure is a division of TCH Property Management Inc., the organization established by Andrew Nicklin that has looked after hundreds of residential and commercial properties for a variety of clients. Private homeowners, banks, mortgage brokers and realtors count on us to inspect, maintain and protect their assets with expertise, vigilance and a touch of TLC.

Locations Serviced

Homesure house sitting and vacant home care is available across the western GTA and Hamilton including: Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Burlington, Oakville and neighbouring communities.


For a personal consultation, contact Andrew Nicklin: